Face It.

We don’t buy products. We buy stories. So yours better be good. Our data-driven, empathy-first approach to brand building will help you shape and share stories worth telling. Will you wink or will you roar?


wax: To grow, rise; To record; To communicate in a specific manner

WAXX crafts and deploys brands across content, press, products, and people. Built on a foundation of expertise in psychology, creative production, consumer advertising, nonprofit and B2B marketing, and public policy communications, WAXX is a full-service micro agency that helps your brand strategically grow, whether you are an early stage startup beginning to envision your identity or a large enterprise looking to execute a targeted campaign.


Showing the world a winning face takes getting some hands dirty – don’t worry, they’re ours. We start with deep understanding of your market and customers to develop strategy, content, and cultures designed to thrive.



Ever since I worked with Andrea Lindzey, I’ve been dying to do it again. She’s a world-class branding expert as well as a Swiss Army knife of marketing skills.
— Andrea Bridges-Smith, CEO San Fénix Productions

Bibbity Bobbity Brand!

Brush up on your brand skills, better align your culture to your brand vision, or get comfortable speaking for an audience with a WAXX workshop.